Kaweco Denim Pouch Review

Kaweco has a mortal lock on the pocket fountain pen market, so it is nice to see them expanding their product lineup with related accessories like the Kaweco Denim Pouch.

They have released several cases for their pocket fountain pens in the past, such as leather sleeves for the Sport and Lilliput lineups, and leather box-style cases for the Sports, and even their full-sized models. The Denim pouches are a departure in style, and one I can completely get behind. Kaweco has been experimenting a lot recently in fact, which is nice to see from a brand rooted in German fountain pen history.

These selvedge denim pouches fit up to two Kaweco Sport pens, be it the Classic, AL, Brass, or others. It’s a tight fit, which is nice because you don’t want these pens getting away in your pocket or bag. I imagine they will loosen up nicely with use, just like a pair of your favorite jeans. A single Sport with a clip fits fine as well, as do a couple of Liliputs, but they tend to get buried below the opening too deeply for me.

From a pricing perspective they are expensive. $38 for what many will see as something they can make from their own jeans - and make it more personal as well - seems high. But none of Kaweco’s products are exactly great value in comparison to other products. The thing is, there is no true competition for Kaweco, so I am willing to pay the price for the quality and coolness they bring to the table.

I thought for sure I would prefer the blue denim with the red stitch edge marker, but the black denim seems to work better with my primarily silver and black sports. I bet it would look good with the Brass too. I should get on that.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on April 25, 2016 and filed under Kaweco, Pen Case.