Bung Box Ink And Platinum Pens At Vanness Pens (Sponsor)

Hard to find fountain pen inks are easy to buy from Vanness Pens. From P.W. Akkerman , to Bung Box , to KWZ Standard and Iron Gall inks they have you covered. Not only do they carry full bottles of each of these brands and more, they offer large 4 ml ink samples so you can try several fills of an ink before committing to a full bottle. This is especially helpful with some of the high end inks like Bung Box.

What does Vanness Pens do with all of those empty ink bottles they have around the shop? They sell them with a wonderful added bonus: Free engraving. These make for a great desk display or refill bottle for other inks.

Vanness Pens isn't just an ink shop, they carry all the big pen brands, including a recently expanded Platinum fountain pen lineup. With nibs ranging from the narrow Ultra Extra Fine to the wide Music, Platinum nibs perform as well or better than any on the market. And at Vanness, all Platinum Pens are listed at 20% off suggested retail.

Whether it is pens, inks, or even custom engraving, Vanness Pens has you covered. My thanks to them for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Posted on May 16, 2016 and filed under Featured Sponsor.