New Pilot Pens And Tactile Turn Now At Vanness Pens (Sponsor)

It’s no secret that Pilot is my favorite fountain pen brand, and Vanness Pens has added two of the best models to their ever expanding product lineup.

The Pilot Custom 823 has been a revelation since I bought one of my own a few months back. The size, shape, and weight of the pen are perfect for long writing sessions. Combine that with the large ink capacity and vacuum filling system you could go weeks between refills.

The Pilot Vanishing Point is another favorite of mine, and the only retractable fountain pen you should consider. The mechanism works flawlessly, and the pen as a whole is easy to clean and maintain. New barrels colors are launched each year, and the new Blue Matte model is in stock and stunning.

Tactile Turn is the newest brand to hit the shelves at Vanness Pens, featuring fountain pen barrels made from Polycarbonate, Titanium, and even rare metals like Damascus Steel. These unique designs are made to withstand any situation you can put them in and make for the perfect every day carry pen.

My thanks to Vanness Pens for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Posted on June 13, 2016 and filed under Featured Sponsor.