Word Notebooks Leather Notebook Jacket Review

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In the world of pocket notebooks, I've always recognized the Word brand as the one that has the nifty bullet point checkbox system. There are many options in the 3.5" x 5.5" pocket notebook realm, you have to stand out, right? Their cover designs help with that. They look like works of art, and there's something about that aesthetic that really draws me to these notebooks. It took me a while to try them simply because I already have so many pocket notebooks. Luckily, I've had an opportunity to try them out, and I'm glad I have.

Word Notebooks - Green Terrain

As far as pocket notebooks are concerned, the Word. Notebooks Green Terrain notebooks are pretty standard. Rounded corners, staple-bound, and 48-pages, and made in the USA. The way Word notebooks differ are the paper line format. Yes, there's only one choice as far as the paper goes, and it's lined with the addition of the "unique organizational system" that makes it easy to make bullet points, or mark things as important, in progress, or complete. While this system may not be for everyone (or for using all the time), it's easy to ignore since they're in the far left margin.

The pages aren't numbered, but I can't think of any pocket notebook examples (besides Leuchtturm) that have numbered pages. The ruling in these notebooks are similar to a "college" ruling instead of "wide." The front cover has the standard name, contact info, and dates, as well as some info on the organizational system. The back inside cover features some "Take Better Notes" tips for abbreviations and other shorthand symbols.

The covers are solid and will hold up to a lot of abuse. Compared to other pocket notebook brands that we all know and love, these are the strongest I've ever used. This is a nice, thick cardstock that Word is using in their notebooks. The cover for this edition is a lovely terrain pattern that reminds me of maps that show topographical information so you can tell how steep a hike will be. I love the green color as well. Like I said before, I love the Word notebook covers and I would collect them just because of the unique and fresh covers. The branding is simple...there's a "Word." logo, and the back has a "Made in the USA" slogan followed by the Word Notebooks website.

Now, the paper. In my testing, non-fountain pens work like a dream on this paper. If you're using a fountain pen, you'll notice plenty of feathering on the paper and lots of show-through. Of course, this will vary depending on the nib and ink you're using. Even my finer nibs exhibited feathering. I would only use fountain pens in this notebook if I was in a pinch and didn't have anything else. It works, but it's not ideal. But, any other pens look great on this paper. Gel, pigment, ballpoint inks are all crisp and smooth. The paper quality is in-line with most pocket notebooks, and I prefer it over most.

The Word notebooks are fantastic. After using these, I'll definitely keep them high on my list of pocket notebooks that stay in the rotation. The unique bullet system is novel and useful, but subtle enough to disappear if you aren't using them. Any Bullet Journal fans out there that have used these notebooks?

Word Notebook Leather Jacket (Chestnut/Red)

Along with the Green Terrain notebooks, I picked up the Word Notebooks Leather Notebook Jacket. I've never pulled the trigger on a leather notebook cover, so this was a new experience for me. First off, I'd recommend doing this just so you can smell the intense leather smell that comes out of the box when you open it. Wow. Aside from that, it just looks awesome.

The leather jacket is a 4" x 6" full grain leather cover that includes a couple of elastic cords to either hold the notebooks or keep the cover closed. The leather is called "chestnut," and I'd describe it as a caramel color leather (or a saddleback color). The cords are red, which add a nice pop of color to the cover. The cover is unbranded on the front and side, and there's a tasteful 1/2" Word. logo stamped into the lower back.

In use, the jacket does a great job of holding two notebooks and keeping them protected from wear and tear. For me, the whole kit is too big to fit in any pockets, but it works great when throwing it into a bag.

The best part of the jacket is how it looks. It adds a nice touch of character to your notebooks, and also allows you to easily carry two notebooks securely. Also, with this being real leather, the jacket will develop a nice look of its own over time.

For just under 30 bucks, it's an easy way to class up your pocket notebook game. The design is minimal, and the leather is the real star here. It also comes in Olive/Orange and Black/Blue if you are looking for other options.

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Posted on June 22, 2016 and filed under Word, Notebook Reviews.