Platinum Natural Weasel Hair Brush Pen CF-5000 Review

(This is a guest post by Nick Folz. You can find more of Nick and his work on his blog, Smallberry Drive, Twitter, and Instagram.)

Brush pens are not something I am used to seeing made with flourish and style. They are usually basic looking tools encased in cheap plastic, not the sort of thing that impresses upon first appearance. So much of what makes a brush pen impressive is simply the brush, so once a pen company has mastered the inky tip, they usually decide to rest on their laurels. Not so with Platinum.

The Platinum CF-5000 Brush Pen looks more like a fountain pen when capped, but it does stop with looks. This pens has all the functions you would expect of a mid range fountain pen, minus the nib, of course. The aluminum body decorated with red marble and gold finishes has all the trapping of the fountain pen aesthetic. The overall function of the body is also very pleasing. The cap does not screw on, but glides into place. It also posts in the same manner, giving the pen a nice balance. The tip and body unscrew to give you access to the cartridge. The pen comes with an attached cart with a tiny bit of what seemed like oil to keep the bristles lubricated, and one cart of Platinum’s Carbon black.

I used the Carbon Black cartridge first and got a Platinum Converter after, they both work wonderfully. I got quite a bit of millage out of the cartridge, more than I would have expected. The converter works splendidly, dip the brush and draw up the ink by twisting the end. If you have ever used a Platinum Converter, you know the deal. I’m not a fountain pen guy (don’t shoot), so I can’t talk much about this converter vs other converters, but it is sharp. With a visible ink viewing window and gold detailing, it matches the pen perfectly. I opted for my favorite drawing ink, Liquitex Carbon Black, just to mix it up to see how flow might be affected, and it is just as consistent as Platinum’s own ink.

Speaking of the flow, the ink flow to the brush is perfectly balanced. It is sublime and I can’t overstate how big of deal this is. One of my favorite brush pens is a cheap Pentel Aquash water brush pen, but after using it for thirty minutes the brush gets too wet to do really fine lines. The Pilot Medium Brush Pen has the opposite problem and you have to squeeze the body to get consistent ink flow. The Platinum hits the perfect balance of not running dry and not getting so inky that you can’t do a hair-thin line (all without squeezing a plastic body) and looks damn good while doing it.

Aside from the ink flow, there is the tip itself. The bristles are made of weasel hair, often called kolinsky (from the name of the animal type) in the brush industry. They are the gold standard of brush material. The tip snaps back beautifully after each stroke and bends and flexes as good as my Series 7 Sable Winsor & Newton brush. The tip retention is remarkable, not once has the tip failed to spring back to it’s point.

If it seems like I’m talking sugar, it’s cause I am. This pen has become my main inking tool quicker than I would have predicted. It works splendidly and looks amazing. If it didn’t work as good as it does then the candy coating would be a farce, but it does and it makes the whole package spectacular. If I thought I could easily write notes with it, it would be my pocket carry daily, but I can only imagine the looks I would get in meetings.

Which brings me to the only sticking point. If you are not a brush pen fanatic then the price tag will turn you off. It is a bit pricy for an item you usually use in private. Fountain pens can (and are) used everywhere: taking notes in meetings, addressing letters, crossing off items at the grocery store. Settings both public and private, the right fountain pen can be as practical as it is stunning. But a brush pen? I only draw in public occasionally, usually on break at work. This is a VERY niche item in a community that is already very niche. I am going to cherish this pen, mainly because I DO use brush pens daily and this one out performs all of my other brush pens, but this one is for the brush pen enthusiast's only. But if you are, boy howdy, is it ever for you.

(Pen Boutique provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on August 4, 2016 and filed under Platinum, Brush Pen, Pen Reviews.