Top 5 Pens, Fall 2016

One of each: Pilot Custom 823, Blackwing 602, Apica CD

One of each: Pilot Custom 823, Blackwing 602, Apica CD

My Top 5 Pens list has entered the refinement phase. While it would be nice to have monthly or quarterly updates, the fact remains that many of the top pens remain unchallenged. There is a reason they are the best, and they are standing the test of time.

Most lists remained unchanged, or possibly had one new pen enter the list. Some lists had two, and none had three. I did add one new list for fountain pens between $200-$500 which has been requested for a while and I have enough experience in that area now to plant a flag.

I also changed my personal comments on each section to a “Just Missed” section, which I think is more useful.

Regardless of the amount of change each version of this list has it is fun to put it together. If you have any questions, feel like I overlooked your favorite, or have a request for a new list please let me know.

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Posted on September 12, 2016 and filed under Top 5.