First Look: BN Works BNdot

BN Works is a new player on the pen manufacturing scene, and they recently sent me a prototype of their first design, the slick-looking BNdot.

The industrial design and clean lines remind me a lot of Lamy, as does the refined feel of the pen. The 304 stainless steel barrel is smooth, and comes in three PVD coating options in Champagne, Gold, and Black, along with the standard Chrome.

What sets the BNdot apart is the clip design. It is rock-solid and works flawlessly as the refill deployment method. One press down to extend the tip, another press to snap it right back up into the barrel.

While using this prototype I noticed a bit of tip rattle from the Schmidt Easy Flow 900 ballpoint (this is a Parker compatible refill pen). I emailed Tony, the designer behind BN Works, and that tolerance has already been tightened for production to eliminate the rattle. Tony has been wonderful to work with since I have had this pen in fact.

For just $65 with free worldwide shipping, and even free custom engraving, the BNdot provides great value for those looking for a sleek, sturdy, well-designed Parker refill compatible pen. Look for the launch on Indiegogo tomorrow morning at 10:30 eastern.

My thanks to BN Works for sending me this pen at no charge for purposes of this review.

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Posted on September 19, 2016 and filed under BN Works, Pen Reviews.