First Look: Tactile Turn Glider

I’ve been a fan of Will Hodges work at Tactile Turn since his first Kickstarter launch. Over the past year, Will has taken things to the next level in his shop, adding high-end equipment to invest in his vision of making great pens. In my short time with the Tactile Turn Glider, I think it is safe to say he has another winner on his hands.

The selling point of the Glider is its smooth-action bolt mechanism, which is easily operated with one hand. The crescent shape allows you to engage the refill with an easy downward motion of your thumb, and retracting the refill just takes a quick flick to get the bolt past its resting spot. It makes an excellent “swoosh!” sound when retracting it too, which I have had fun with.

The Glider is the longer of the two models and accepts Pilot G2 refills, while the Slider is your choice if you like Parker-style refills and a shorter pen barrel.

The only issue I have with the Glider is the refill doesn’t extend past the nose cone far enough for my liking. This has happened to me with several other machined pens in the past, and a small square of double-sided foam tape on the end of the refill gets it to the right length.

Will sent me the Stainless Steel model for review and it feels great. The ridges on the barrel are his calling card, and this is the most refined they have ever felt. It is balanced well and is not too heavy. I have backed the Titanium model on Kickstarter, and you can choose from Brass, Copper, Zirconium, and Damascus Steel as well.

This is a refined pen, and you can tell Will is hitting his stride on the manufacturing side. If you are interested in the Slider or Glider you only have four days left to get in on the action so take a look.

My thanks to Tactile Turn for sending me this pen at no charge for review purposes.

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Posted on September 19, 2016 and filed under Tactile Turn, Pen Reviews.