Sailor Bespoke Pens And Nibs Now At Anderson Pens (Sponsor)

I am a big Sailor Fountain Pen fan, and when I want to shop the latest and greatest that Sailor has to offer, I shop with Anderson Pens.

In less than three years, Anderson Pens went from being the newest, smallest
Sailor account to being one of three US dealers to be honored with the Sailor Bespoke line. Bespoke means hand-made, with over 20 different nib options and numerous body options not available in the standard Sailor lineup. Combine the two for the most personalized Sailor fountain pen available.

The nibs are the stars of the Sailor bespoke lineup, and to get you started Anderson Pens has created a guide to the all of the 21 karat gold Bespoke Nib offerings. The Naginata-Togi and Cross Point are great entry points, with wonderful Music, Fude, and Concord nibs to choose from, among others.

Barrel models for the Bespoke line include the 1911 Standard, 1911 Large, Professional Gear, Ribbed, and of course the King of Pen and King of Pen Urushi models.

Creating your own Sailor Bespoke pen is not something you can do anywhere at any time, and having this option at Anderson Pens is fantastic.

My thanks to Anderson Pens for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Posted on September 5, 2016 and filed under Featured Sponsor.