Pilot Juice Up Metallic And Pastel Gel Ink Pen Review

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Pilot Juice pens were already a stationery favorite, and now Pilot has upgraded them to the Pilot Juice Up—with smoother flowing ink and a synergy tip that is a hybrid conical/needlepoint for strength and precision. The inks are water-based pigment inks with waterproof and fade-resistant properties. The Pastel and Metallic sets write on light or dark paper, as well as photos, making them perfect for scrapbooks, planners, notes, or other crafty projects.

The pastel set includes blue, green, orange, pink, violet, and white. The metallics are gold, silver, blue, green, pink, and violet. The 0. 4mm tips are smooth and precise and just the right size for writing in the ridiculously tiny grid of my planner.

The tip of the pen is metal; the grip is rubber-coated, but not squishy. It prevents slipping but provides no cushion. The grip matches the color of the ink, as does the band at the top of the click/clip unit, so you can tell what color of pen you're grabbing quite easily. This top band disappears when the pen is clicked down and the tip is extended, so you can tell at a glance if the tip is out or not. I don't care much for having the clip attached to the click. The clip is already a bit flimsy, and I worry that making it a moving part endangers it further. It's a soft plastic that doesn't feel like it will survive too much tossing into bags or being clipped to a notebook cover that is too wide. Why is the clip the Achilles heel of so many gel pens? I don't think I'm particularly mean to them, but so many seem to snap off after a while.

I have had some hard starts with all the pens, but a moment of scribble gets them going, and the flow after that is very decent. I might even have to attribute the hard starts to the extreme cold we're having this week. A number of my pens have been having issues getting going--I've been having trouble with that, myself! The tiny tips make them feel dry, but there's a good bit of ink being put down on the page.

With the exception of the white, obviously, they do a good job writing on both light and dark paper. Smooth papers definitely work better than those with more surface texture. The metallics look glittery in low light, and then ramp up to full sun-on-mirror bright in direct light.

The sets have a nice variety of well-coordinated colors, so they're great for using together for habit trackers, schedule coding, or notes. I'm particularly fond of the pastel orange. It's just like a creamsicle.

These haven't quite dethroned my Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica gel pens, and I'm beginning to think nothing ever will, but I have been reaching for these every day and I'm definitely getting more colors.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on January 12, 2017 and filed under Pilot, Juice, Pen Reviews.