Cross Click: Marvel Hulk Edition Review


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Tapping into a well-known entertainment franchise and doing so in a tasteful way that appeals to fans is always a solid bet, and that's exactly what Cross have done with the Marvel editions of the Click ballpoint pen. The Hulk edition that I've had the pleasure of using over the past few weeks has led me into a slippery slope of branded writing instruments that may end up costing me more than I anticipated.

The Cross Click is a standard offering in their ballpoint lineup, and it's a great pen overall. Let's focus on the standard pen and how it performs.


The Click is a slim body pen with a click mechanism for retracting/extending the refill. The click is a bit noisy, but it feels solid and the noise plays into the namesake of the pen. It has a nice feel, and it adds to the "premium" experience. The clip is petite, but it's hella strong — it fits in nicely with the Hulk (and Marvel) background well.

As far as slim body pens go, the Click is still pretty comfortable to use. I've used this for long note-taking sessions and haven't had any issues with comfort. There's a texture on the body that adds a bit of grip as well.


One downside is that the refill rattles around inside the pen when it's in a retracted state. It takes a good bit of movement to make the rattle manifest, but it's noticeable and detracts from the overall premium feel of the pen.

The Marvel branding is subtle, which is exactly why I love it. There's some nice green graphics on the body, but my favorite part is the Hulk fist jewel on the top part of the clip.


The standard refill is black and performs well. I've used several Cross ballpoints in the past, and I've always enjoyed it. As far as ballpoints go, this is a great option. There are other color options, as well as some gel rollerball refills that look interesting. Like most Cross pens, these refills are proprietary, so good luck finding a suitable replacement outside of the Cross lineup.

The Cross Click Marvel edition pens are fun, nicely done, and affordable. It's a perfect combination of factors that make this pen a no-brainer for Marvel fans. They're currently on sale at Goldspot Pens, so don't miss out!

(Goldspot provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on October 4, 2017 and filed under Cross, Ballpoint, Pen Reviews.