MD Sticky Memo Pad: Sticky Notes that Write Great and Help You Stay Organized

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(Original Mai-Bun article, posted on 2016/05/16. Written by Saori. Translated by Bruce Eimon.)

When you think of sticky notes, you probably think of those that come in bright yellow and pink colors, or those with cute decorations on them. That’s what comes to my mind too. One day at a stationery store, though, I came across a stack of plain looking cream colored sticky notes, sitting there alongside the colorful ones I was accustomed to seeing.

The MD Sticky Memo Pad is part of the MD PAPER PRODUCTS family by Midori, known for its high quality MD Notebooks, and also a sister company to the makers of the much loved TRAVELER’S notebooks. Just like the MD Notebook, the MD Sticky Memo Pad employs a simple design without any decorations.

They are offered in the same page formats as the MD Notebooks, with blank, 7mm lines, and a 5mm grid. For a person like myself who likes using my 5mm grid notebook, I can’t be happier for my favorite format to be available as a sticky-note.

From top to bottom: mechanical pencil, ball point pen, rollerball pen, magic marker.

From top to bottom: mechanical pencil, ball point pen, rollerball pen, magic marker.

Even as a sticky-note, it has the same smooth writing experience as the well known MD Notebooks. It handles all writing instruments exceedingly well, giving you a pleasurable writing no matter what you use.

Take it everywhere as your pocket notebook MD Sticky Memo Pads come with both a front and a rear cover, unlike regular sticky-notes which are fully exposed. This makes it easy to throw one into your purse or backpack, just like any other notebook.

There are two sizes: an A7 size (H102mm×W76mm) that peels up, and a larger A6 size (H150mm×W102mm) that peels sideways. Both are perfect sizes for taking quick notes “on the go” and are compact enough to fit in any bag or purse.

The one drawback of the pages being sticky is that you cannot flip them over to keep writing on the next page. To get around this, I suggest you peel off the notes after each use and stick them behind the front cover. Since the cover is slightly longer than the sticky notes themselves, they fit in just nicely without sticking out.

Very easy to move your jottings to your notebook, planner, or diary.

Very easy to move your jottings to your notebook, planner, or diary.

When you write something in a pocket notebook, it is quite tedious to copy that information to your other notebooks. With the MD Sticky Memo Pad, however, it is super easy to move your notes to your other notebooks. No extra tools, no extra time.

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For a person like myself who uses my planner strictly to keep track of my schedule, I am thankful that I have the MD sticky-notes to take my notes on. And to be able to do this on high quality paper?! Why not pick the format of your choice and give this writing-pleasure a try?

Recommended for:

  • People who already know and like the superior writing quality of MD Notebooks
  • People who like the simple aesthetic
  • People who like to quickly transfer their notes to other notebooks

Information: MD Sticky Memo Pad

You can purchase the MD Sticky Memo Pad in several sizes and formats in the US from JetPens.

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