The Pen Addict Retro 51 Ice-O-Metric Is Here!

Retro 51 Ice-O-Metric.JPG

The latest collaboration between The Pen Addict and Retro 51 features the amazingly fun Ice-O-Metric bomb pop design from Michael Jacobs. This Retro 51 Tornado model features a swirl of popsicles around the barrel on a white background - that GLOWS IN THE DARK! Each pen ships with a black Schmidt P8127 refill, and a matching Ice-O-Metric sticker.

This is an individually numbered, limited edition of 600, so get yours before they are gone.

I hope you enjoy this pen as much as Michael and I enjoyed making it!

Retro 51 Ice-O-Metric 2.JPG
Retro 51 Ice-O-Metric Glow in the dark
Posted on November 25, 2017 and filed under Retro 51, Shop.