The Pokka Pen, Always There When You Need It

“Your anywhere and everywhere backup pen. Throw one in a bag, one in a purse, one in your car, pretty much anywhere you may need a pen. You can afford to because they cost less than $3 each…. I dig everything about this pen” - The Pen Addict January 16, 2017

The patented Pokka Pen is compact, lightweight and affordable. You won’t even notice it in your pocket, but it converts to a full sized writing instrument with a snap of the cap.

Pokka Pens fit your pocket, your hand, and your budget!

Visit to see all of our Pokka colors, including our Kustom Kryptek Kamo!

Pen Addicts can enter promo code “Addict20” when placing an order, and receive 20% off any order of 5 pens or more! Free shipping on all orders of 10 pens or more.

My thanks to Pokka Pens for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Posted on February 20, 2017 and filed under Featured Sponsor.