Platinum Classic Ink Lavender Black Review

January 2017: I need to slow down on buying inks.

March 2017: I bought all six colors of the new Platinum Classic Inks.

Sometimes the planets line up perfectly, and they did for me with Platinum Classic Ink. Unique colors? Check. Iron Gall? Check. Japanese? Check. Overall coolness factor? Check.

This is everything I personally want to see in an ink, so I bought them all. Luckily, that was only six bottles, and my friend Dan Smith from the Nibsmith had them all at the 2017 Arkansas Pen Show. When I told him I wanted one of each he said “Really?” Yes, really.

Let me get this out of the way right up front: Iron gall inks are not for everybody. If you are not able to monitor the ink in your pens and have good pen hygiene, you should not buy iron gall inks. There is a possibility that some damage could occur to your pens, such as staining the barrel or feed.

That said, if you are as particular as I am and pay attention to these types of things, you will be rewarded with unique inks and performance characteristics that you won’t find just anywhere. I trust Platinum to not do anything crazy, but the jury is still out on the long term ramifications of using these inks.

From the Classic Ink lineup, I see two colors getting the most hype: Lavender Black and Citrus Black. The first, because it is a traditionally awesome color that can’t often be found in fountain pen ink, and the second because you rarely see a company try a brighter iron gall ink. KWZ is the only one I can think of offhand.

Wet swab

Wet swab

With Lavender Black, the ink goes down on the page like the skin color of a red grape. There is a brightness to it while still having great depth of color. As it oxidizes, it darkens into more of a dark plum skin color that looks fantastic on the page.

Five minutes later

Five minutes later

The ink is wet too, not dry like some iron gall inks I use. The flow from my fine nib Platinum PKB-2000 is exceptional. The color transition happens quickly, too. The shade changes as soon as the ink begins to dry, and then is near its final state within minutes. It dries very fast as well, even on Rhodia paper.

I’m enamored, if you couldn’t tell. But again, this is a product that fits me perfectly. Will it fit you and your preferences as well as it does mine? Only you can answer that, but do your homework and don’t rush into it.

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Posted on April 3, 2017 and filed under Platinum, Ink Reviews.