Morning Glory Mach Campus 0.28 mm Review

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Ultra-fine point gel pens are pretty common and accessible today. While I typically don't drop down below a 0.38mm point myself, it is fun to try out the micro points that are available today. And while these are fairly prevalent in the gel pen category, the same isn't true for the rollerball category. A few years back, a new player in the rollerball game was introduced: the Morning Glory Mach 3 line with their 0.38mm tips and fun colors. These are fun pens in their own way, but the Mach Campus is the same pen taken a bit further. At 0.28mm, it's definitely the smallest rollerball I've used. And, as long as you're careful with the amount of pressure you use when writing, it's a smooth, fine line.

I'm not sure how long the Mach Campus line has been around, but it's generally the same pen as the Mach 3, minus the large array of color options. The Mach Campus has several fun body colors to choose from, but just the standard black, blue, and red ink colors. Like the Mach 3 line (which is all 0.38mm), the Mach Campus line is entirely 0.28mm. These rollerballs are for those of you who want a small, crisp line out of your pen.

Apart from the name on the side of the barrel, it's hard to distinguish these two pens. But, you can definitely tell which is which once you start writing. The 0.38mm version is much more forgiving than the 0.28mm version when it comes to smoothness and scratching the paper. The 0.38mm glides effortlessly on smooth paper, and has occasional issues on rougher papers. The same isn't true of the 0.28mm — you have to be more mindful of the pressure you use when using this pen. If you use a light touch when writing, it's a smooth writer — it definitely doesn't feel like a 0.28mm point, that's for sure. But, if you press down too hard, the pen will feel scratchy, and in the worst case, it will also tear or cut the paper.

After a bit of practice, I easily grew accustomed to this pen and found it really enjoyable to write with. That being said, I only wrote in small characters instead of my normal size handwriting. There's something about a point this small that just makes it difficult for me to use normal-sized characters. I don't think that's due to pen, but more my sub-conscious.

One of the best features of both lines from Morning Glory is the ink. It's dark, smooth, easy-flowing, and reliable. The edges of the line remain sharp provided you are using decent paper that doesn't promote bleeding. The blue is on the darker side, but has a rich, interesting color that jumps off the paper due to the crisp edges. When I look at a page that's been written with this pen, it reminds of looking at a Retina display for the first time. Super sharp!

The grip on the Mach Campus, like its cousin, is textured and comfortable when writing. The entire pen is plastic and disposable, but it feels well made and sturdy. At just under $2.00, it's a great deal for a disposable pen. I really wish they offered refillable versions with higher grade bodies, but these do just fine as-is.

There is a lot of text and branding printed on the body and cap of this pen, but it's as subtle as can be given the amount that's crammed in. This is fairly common for the price range, and it doesn't bother me. That being said, it doesn't really give off an executive vibe.

Overall, the Mach Campus by Morning Glory is a fantastic micro-rollerball that performs extremely well. It's an incredibly fine line, but still manages to be a smooth writer as long as you remember to use light pressure when writing. For the price, just throw a couple in your cart the next time you place an order. These pens are fun and useful to keep on hand.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on May 17, 2017 and filed under Morning Glory, Pen Reviews.