Bellroy Pencil Case Review

I am a fan of Bellroy’s design style and aesthetic. They made their name in the slim wallet market, and over the years branched out into phone and tablet cases, plus related accessories. The Bellroy Pencil Case falls into the latter category, as more and more of us carry a mix of analog and digital tools with us on a daily basis.

The outside of the case is a thick grey canvas which should age well and withstand plenty of wear and tear. The inside is partially coated with I’m not sure what exactly, but it feels like a thin layer of plastic/rubber. Assumedly this is for added structure, durability, and it probably makes the material easier to clean too.

The structure of the case comes into play with the ability to fold the top edges of the case out to form an open tray. This works well if you are planning on staying in one place for a while and need to get in and out of the case frequently.

Each end of the case features sewn in pull loops that are integrated into the case design. Technically, they did a great job integrating the loops. Aesthetically, they look fantastic. Functionally, well, let’s call that a mixed bag.

On the exterior of the case, the loops are perfect. They allow for extra spots to grab and pick up, or hold and pull the zipper open and closed. I imagine they would allow you to clip this case on the inside or outside of a bag, although I haven’t specifically tested that. The loops are certainly strong enough to withstand it.

But, there is a but. From end to end, the case is 9-1/2” long. Since the loops are integrated and take up inside space, they limit the interior opening of the case to around 7”. An unsharpened Blackwing is 8”. You see where I am going with this.

Unsharpened Blackwing sitting atop the interior pen loop structure

Unsharpened Blackwing sitting atop the interior pen loop structure

That’s not to say you can’t fit one, but it takes work. Even after the first sharpen, you have to angle it into the bottom of the case, under the loops, from top left to bottom right, or vice versa. Alternately, you can float them above the loops at the top of the case right under the zipper. This is something you will have to consider with all long pencils.

I agree that is a very specific use case, and an awfully fine nit to pick, but that is the first thing I wanted to know about this case. Otherwise, I think it is excellent. It you are loading it up with gel pens, art markers, erasers, and smaller accessories, I think you will be happy with it, if not thrilled. It is a fun, functional, well-made case that I will get good use out of.

(Bellroy provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on July 31, 2017 and filed under Bellroy, Pen Case.