Tombow Mono Edge Dual-tip Highlighter Review

Tombow Mono Edge Dual-tip Highlighter Review

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Highlighters may not be the most exciting category of stationery, but they're extremely helpful and useful tools. Like any tool, most people like to use the best ones available to them. With the Tombow Mono Edge dual-tip highlighters pack, your highlighting bases are covered.

The Tombow Mono Edge pack contains six different highlighters that all pack two different tips on either end. In the set, you have a wide range of color options, from golden yellow, pink, purple, red, sky blue, and yellow green. These colors provide a lot of contrast when marking up pages, and they seem to play nicely with most inks (fountain pens excluded).

Tombow Mono Edge Dual-tip Highlighter

The main selling feature of these highlighters is the dual tip action. On the top of the pen, there's a cap with a clip that houses the larger of the two highlighter tips. This tip is about 4mm wide and has a nicely chiseled shape. You can also turn the tip on the end to get a fine line, and you can also orient the chisel sideways to draw a thinner line.

Tombow Mono Edge Dual-tip Highlighter Tip

The bottom cap houses a small 0.8mm highlighter tip. In my experience, this has been great for underlining passages. This requires less ink but still does a great job of calling out the text later. The bottom tip is a plain round shape that doesn't offer much flexibility.

Both ends of every highlighter move across the page with ease, and I have had zero issues with ink delivery. On the other hand, I haven't had any bleed issues either. The tips and ink used in these pens is top notch.

Tombow Mono Edge Dual-tip Highlighter Small Tip

Each cap can securely post onto the other cap while you use the pen. Since they're made of plastic, the pens are very lightweight, but they don't feel delicate or fragile. These have held up great in my daily carry without any other protection.

When testing these highlighters, I was pretty happy with the results. They caused bleed and smearing with most of the fountain pens I tried, but that's the nature of the inks when they mix. Anything non-water-based did fantastic.

Tombow Mono Edge Dual-tip Highlighter Test

I tried several types of paper, and it didn't make much difference with these highlighters. The short poem I used as a demonstration was printed on cheap 20# copy paper from Target, and it performed well.

Whether you're a student, artist, like keeping a journal or daily planner, or anyone who enjoys bright colors, the Tombow Mono Edge highlighters are excellent. They're also a great value. For just under $10, you get six double-tipped highlighter pens that cover the spectrum of colors. No matter your ink combo, you can find a highlighter color in this pack that contrasts well.

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Tombow Mono Edge Dual-tip Highlighter Test
Posted on October 31, 2018 and filed under Tombow, Highlighter, Pen Reviews.