Beautiful Leather Pen Storage from Girologio (Sponsor)

Girologio Leather Pen Case

Are you looking to protect your precious pens when on the go? Or maybe looking for larger storage capacity for all of your favorites? If so, then Girologio leather pen cases are what you need.

For daily carry, Girologio offers two and three pen case configurations, made from soft, supple, and chemical-free leather. Each case features full-length, lined, dividers and a reinforced frame, giving you maximum protection. The fold-over magnetic flap keeps your pens safe and secure, while allowing for easy access. And the slots are designed to handle large pens, such as the Montblanc 149.

If you want to go big - and I know you do - Girologio offers cases with a 12, 24, 48, and yes, a 96 pen configuration. Even someone as obsessive as me can find a case to hold all of the things! Ok, maybe two of those big cases. For starters.

What case will you start with? Girologio has you covered, no matter how many pens you want to carry and store safely and securely. To see all they have to offer, head over to Girologio, and be sure to check out where you can buy these fine goods.

My thanks to Girologio for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Girologio Leather Case
Posted on November 12, 2018 and filed under Featured Sponsor.