Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Review

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser

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The Tombow Mono Zero eraser is a delightful little tool that packs quite a punch when it comes to removing errors. I have several different retractable erasers, but this one actually looks professional. The classy aluminum finish paired with a rectangular body make it both visually pleasing and easy to handle.

Retractable erasers aren't known for being classy and stylish — in most cases, they're just stuffed into an art case or pencil bag for correcting the inevitable graphite mistake. I wasn't even aware I wanted a stylish eraser until I saw this thing. For less than ten bucks, you get a clean, classy eraser that actually does a great job of erasing.

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Tip

Given the small rectangular shape of this eraser, you can use the 2.5mm sides or the 5mm sides to tackle different sized problems. Or, if you need an even more precise edge, use one of the four corners of the eraser for that fine-tuned erasing.

One of the first things I look for in a retractable eraser is how well the eraser core stays put when actually erasing. Poorly-designed erasers can be difficult to use because they tend to retract while erasing due to a lack of friction. In the case of the Mono Zero, it has no problems staying put while erasing. This is due to both the low tolerance between the eraser core and the body and the advancing mechanism. The "eraser advancer" operates similarly to a mechanical pencil. Instead of relying solely on a clutch system to advance, retract, and hold the eraser, this eraser uses a plastic rod on the interior to manage these operations. In practice, it works really well.

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Clip

Each full click advances the eraser by about 2mm, but you can also half-click to advance the eraser by 1mm. The clip on the eraser is much stronger than it looks, and due to the light weight of the tool, it has no problem staying attached to anything to which you clip it. And, since the clip is so strong, you can clip this to the cover of a notebook. The slim profile of the eraser makes this an ideal (and probably intended?) carry option.

As far as branding goes, the Tombow logo and name are printed on only one of the four sides of the eraser body.

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser vs Sumo

I've been really impressed by this little eraser. It's not the most exciting stationery tool one can purchase, but it fulfills its purpose while also looking elgant and classy. If silver isn't your jam, you have a few other color options like black, pink, and blue.

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Test

At just under $10, this is a great deal for a retractable eraser that uses metal parts. And, you can also pick up extra eraser cores for just a couple bucks (two erasers per pack), making this eraser sustainable as well.

If you need a retractable eraser that looks great and performs well, look no further. The Tombow Mono Zero is an excellent option.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Tombow Mono Zero Eraser Pencil
Posted on February 14, 2018 and filed under Tombow, Eraser, Pencil Reviews.