Kaweco Sunrise and Sunset Special Edition now at Fontoplumo (Sponsor)

Well isn’t this a sunny surprise!

Fontoplumo has been on a roll with special editions, and this time around, it is the Kaweco Special Edition Sunrise and Sunset.

Kaweco Sport fountain pens are some of the most fun and functional pens on the market, and these two models add another bright color to an already vivid lineup. The Sunrise model features a warm yellow barrel with silver trim and silver steel nib, while the Sunset model uses the same barrel and changes out the trim and nib colors to gold. The end result is one of the most fun Kaweco Sport barrels I’ve seen to date.

The Kaweco Sunrise and Sunset are Fontoplumo exclusives and are a single production run. When the sun finally sets and these are gone, they are gone for good. At just € 25,00 (€ 20,66 outside the EU), and with your choice of Fine, Medium, or Broad nibs, they are sure to be popular.

My thanks to Fontoplumo for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Posted on May 14, 2018 and filed under Featured Sponsor.