Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch Review

Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch Review

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I've realized over the past few years that I'm way more picky about my pen cases than I am about my pens. I'll use a pen even if I don't love it--not so much, for cases. I'll be using this case a lot.

The Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch tackles the convertible-case problem and does it in a way that allows it to be versatile without compromising on its primary function. This case holds a ton of pens--even my adorably chubby Sarasa collection can fit in here. The canvas material is soft but sturdy and the bottom is reinforced so that it stands as a pen cup when the top portion is slid down. The lining material is smooth polyester, so it slides down easily while also keeping the case contents protected. The structure is a bit mystifying at first. It's like one of those matchbox magic tricks where the hidden drawer slides inside the other. I'm fairly certain Mary Poppins had something to do with the design of this case.

Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch

The case can also be closed and carried in its compact form if you have smaller items to tote. In its wee converted state there's an extra layer of canvas between the contents and the world, so delicate items are even better protected.

Inside the lining of the lower part of the case are two pen sleeve pockets and a wider pocket perfect for a few small accessories like lead, eraser, and sharpener. Or some sticky notes, washi, or ink samples. The interior pockets are a little tricky to reach if the case is fully extended, though. They appear to be intended for use when the case is being used as a pen cup. Even fully extended, it can be a bit short for some longer pens or full-length pencils. Measure your favorite tools before you fall in love with this case.

Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch Full

The top of the case closes with a sturdy metal zipper. The zipper pull has a fake leather tab loop that can serve as a wee handle or be clipped into a larger bag. The bottom of the case is reinforced with interfacing so that it stands flat on a desk, but is still pliable enough to squeeze into a bag or backpack.

Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Pouch Zip

I've tried a number of different standing pen/pencil cases, but this is the first one that's really won me over. The materials feel great, it looks awesome, and it holds a ton of pens while still smoothly performing its little magic trick. I was torn between using it for pens, or (as JetPens also recommends) for makeup--but honestly, I like this enough that I might get a second one and use it for both. There really isn't better praise for a bag or pouch than "I can think of so many ways to use this that I need several."

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Sun-Star Delde Slide Pen Case
Posted on May 17, 2018 and filed under Sun-Star, Pen Case.