Misfill, Odd Jobs Edition

Each week in Refill, the Pen Addict Members newsletter, I publish Ink Links as part of the additional content you receive for being a member. And each week, after 10 to 15 links, plus my added commentary on each, I'm left with many great items I want to share. Enter Misfill. Here are this weeks links:


Review: Franklin-Christoph Model 31 Omnis Purpurae Fountain Pen 18kt Gold Nib (Gourmet Pens)

The Jinhao X750 (The Pen Boffin)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Acquires 34 Works by Outsider Artists and a Basquiat Sells for $45.3M at Phillips (Hyperallergic)

Book Review: The Perfection of the Paperclip (Write eXperience)

Six Month Review: Favorite Pens from the First Half of 2018 (The Gentleman Stationer)

Kubo, Momose, and Iwase (Crónicas Estilográficas)

Railway Logos (Reagan Ray)

Ink Review: Ink Institute Cut Jade (Macchiato Man)

Naples (and Amalfi Coast) Pen Store Recap (Hand Over That Pen)

Review: Sailor Moon x Sailor “Make up Pen” Fountain Pen (All about the Ink)

Imagined Insects Camouflaged as Star Wars Characters by Illustrator Richard Wilkinson (Colossal)

Chicago Pen Show 2018 Recap (Part 2) (The Well-Appointed Desk)

Review: Pilot Custom 823 - Waverly Nib (Alt. Haven)

The Many Odd Jobs of Andy Warhol (Messy Messy Chic)

The First 300 Inks (Mountain of Ink)

Hobonichi Haiku (From the Pen Cup)

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Posted on May 27, 2018 and filed under Misfill.