Kensa Pen and Mechanical Pencil, now on Kickstarter (Sponsor)

What if you could build your perfect pen and pencil around a classic design you already know and love? The Kensa Pen and Mechanical Pencil aims to do just that.

The traditional hexagonal barrel of disposable ballpoints is well known for it’s style, but not its durability or writing experience. The Kensa Pen and Pencil upgrades every part of your writing experience, with aluminum, brass, or stainless steel barrels, plus your choice of high-quality Schmidt refills (also compatible with Parker-style) and pencil mechanisms.

Apt Studio, makers of the Kensa, designed a unique twist mechanism to deploy the pen refill, allowing them to keep the barrel diameter a more traditional width. Each pen and pencil also comes with a strong, single-piece aluminum clip that is removable to suit your carrying needs.

Starting at $35, the Kensa Pen and Mechanical Pencil is an iconic design, built to write a lifetime of words. My thanks to Apt Studio for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Posted on May 7, 2018 and filed under Featured Sponsor.