Pilot Tatemo Pen Case Review

Pilot Tatemo Pen Case Review

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When collecting pens is a hobby, pen cases are a necessity. Luckily, there's not shortage of options in the pen case markets. Like the pens and pencils we love, pen cases can have incredibly focused and singular use cases. With the Pilot Tatemo, one of the major perks is being able to stand the case up to act as a sort of portable pen cup.

Where some pen cases endeavor to provide a cozy pocket for each individual pen, the Tatemo is more alike the pouch format. There's one large pocket for pens, pencils, and other large items, and there's also a small pouch on the lid for small items like cartridges, lead, erasers, and other like-sized items.

Pilot Tatemo Pen Case

The function of the case is simple: the case is secured with a single zip, and the lid flap folds down to the rest of the body so that it stays out of your way. My favorite feature of this case is the hidden magnet in the lid that attaches to the body when folded open. Instead of a lid hanging loosely, the magnet secures the lid to the case when open. This allows you to easily access the pens and pencils you've stored in the case.

Pilot Tatemo Pen Case Open

In storage and transportation, the case does exactly what you expect. It keeps everything contained inside the large pouch or the smaller mesh pocket, but everything inside the case is touching. It's not ideal for more expensive pens or pens that might scratch or damage other items in the pouch. But, for storing a bunch of different writing instruments in an easily accessible pouch, it's perfect.

This case really shines once you sit down to start working. Simply unzip and open the case and decide whether you want to stand the case up like a pen cup or lay it flat like a pen tray. It's spacious enough on the inside to allow a clear view into the different tools you have stored, and reaching over to grab what you need is easy thanks to the magnet that keeps the lid secure.

Pilot Tatemo Pen Case Standing

When using the case as a pen cup (standing up), it's pretty stable. Obviously, the stability of the case in this orientation depends on what you've loaded into it, but it's been solid in my experience. The material is thick enough to make the structure sturdy and dependable.

When it's time to pack up and go, simply zip up the case and throw it in your bag. Easy!

Pilot Tatemo Pen Case Desk

The Tatemo case is available in a variety of fun colors. The orange pictured here is an excellent choice, but you can also choose from black, red, pink, navy, and light blue. And, at just under $20, it's a pretty good deal. The quality and function of the product is on par with the pricing, and the nifty magnet closure in the lid is an added bonus. If it looks fun and useful, I really recommend trying one out. I've enjoyed using it over the past few weeks, both at home and other locations.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Pilot Tatemo Pen Case Full
Posted on May 9, 2018 and filed under Pilot, Pen Case.