Misfill, Below the Surface Edition

Each week in Refill, the Pen Addict Members newsletter, I publish Ink Links as part of the additional content you receive for being a member. And each week, after 10 to 15 links, plus my added commentary on each, I'm left with many great items I want to share. Enter Misfill. Here are this weeks links:


Lamy Orange Ink (The Clumsy Penman’s InKfusion Site)

Mirtha Dermisache’s Writing Is a Rorschach test (Hyperallergic)

Fascinating Letterring Graffiti Art By Ernest (Design You Trust)

Review: Stilform Kosmos Ink Fountain Pen (The Pencilcase Blog)

Album covers designed by Andy Warhol (Kottke)

The archeological finds of the North/Southline Amsterdam (Below the Surface)

First Impressions: Karas Pen Company “Reaktor” Series (The Gentleman Stationer)

Sound and Vision: Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown,” Cover Artwork by Raymond Pettibon (Juxtapoz Magazine)

Ink Review #335: Ancient Song Winter October (Mountain of Ink)

James Joyce’s Crayon Covered Manuscript Pages for Ulysses and Finnegans Wake (Open Culture)

Darkstar Notebook Review (Pens! Paper! Pencils!)

How Lego Bricks are Made (Core77)

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Posted on July 1, 2018 and filed under Misfill.