Misfill, Nakaya Clinic Edition

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Nakaya Clinic

Aesthetic Bay Nakaya Clinic: Day 1 (Hand Over That Pen)

The Back Story: How Leatherman Was Started (Core77)

Review: M815 Metal Striped (2018) (The Pelikan’s Perch)

Review: Made by Foyles terracotta red notebook (UK fountain pens)

Pen Review: Opus88 Fantasia Fountain Pen (Fine Nib) (The Well-Appointed Desk)

Ink Review: Jacques Herbin Cornaline d’Egypte 1798 (The Well-Appointed Desk)

News: Pelikan Hubs 2018 By The Numbers (The Pelikan’s Perch

Goulet Notebook Review (Irv’s Stationery)

More Sailor Inks: Nakabayashi (Crónicas Estilográficas)

Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen and Rollerball with Extender Review and Giveaway (Pens! Paper! Pencils!)

Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lavande Fountain Pen Review (Ed Jelley)

Ink Review: Jacques Herbin Cornaline d’Egypte 1798 (The Well-Appointed Desk)

Review: Conklin Duragraph (Alt. Haven)

Paper Review: Rhodia Heritage A5 Writing Pad (The Pencilcase Blog)

I hate the Rotring Newton (UK fountain pens)

Karas Pen Co. Reaktor: The Galaxie & Starliner XL (nib & ink)

Nakaya Pen Clinic - 2018 (Alt. Haven)

Notebook Review: Nanuk (The Well-Appointed Desk)

Back Pocket Guitar Notebook Review (ens! Paper! Pencils!)

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Posted on July 29, 2018 and filed under Misfill.