Colorverse X Opus 88 Horizon Ink Review

Colorverse Opus 88 Review

(Susan M. Pigott is a fountain pen collector, pen and paperholic, photographer, and professor. You can find more from Susan on her blog Scribalishess.)

A few weeks ago I reviewed Colorverse Trailblazer in Space: Strelka and Pushinka ink. This week, I’m reviewing a different series of inks made to match the Opus 88 Picnic fountain pens. The ink I’m reviewing is Horizon, which complements the Opus 88 Picnic Blue fountain pen.

I tested the ink using my brand new Opus 88 Picnic Blue with a fine point (I mean, I /had/ to have the pen to go with the ink, am I right?) on Maruman Septcouleur paper. The ink is a light blue color with very little shading (in a fine point nib) and little color variation in the swab. The ink is fairly dry and is not waterproof.

Colorverse Opus 88 Horizon Ink

On my Col-o-dex card, I used a Nikko G nib. With this nib I was able to get a little shading out of the ink.

Colorverse Opus 88 Horizon Ink Swatch

Chromatography reveals that the ink has virtually no variation whatsoever. It is consistently light blue.

Colorverse Opus 88 Horizon Ink Chromatography

I also tested the ink with some wider nibs: a 2.4mm Pilot Parallel and my Handwritmic Brody Neuenschwander Ruling Pen. With wider nibs, this ink is much more exciting. It has nice shading and a tiny bit of sheen if you look closely.

Pilot Parallel.jpg

Overall, I’m pretty disappointed with Colorverse Horizon. With a fine nib, it is so light as to be almost unreadable. In fact, in my Opus 88 Picnic Blue fountain pen--the very pen the ink is made for--it writes poorly on every kind of paper I tried (including Tomoe River Paper and William Hannah paper). If you want to use this ink, I suggest using it only with very broad nibs.

Tomoe River Paper

Tomoe River Paper

William Hannah paper

William Hannah paper

You can buy Colorverse X Opus 88 Horizon from Pen Chalet for $36.00, which includes a 65 ml bottle and a 15 ml bottle.

(Pen Chalet provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on September 28, 2018 and filed under Colorverse.