Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter Review

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A new semester is starting! It's time to pack away the holidays, dust off the textbooks, and re-stock the school supplies. Whether you've got a mountain of studies on the horizon, or just need to color-code your calendar or planner, highlighters are essential. The Zebra Justfit highlighters have impressed me in the past, so I was excited to give the Mojini Line Highlighters a try.

When you're in a study crunch, a highlighter is just a highlighter--but this one has a few features that might help make things go more smoothly.

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter Chisel Tip

The chisel tip has a very narrow profile and flexible felt, so it glides a little extra smoothly across the page. And the flex means you don't have to line the tip up with the text perfectly to get straight, even lines. It will bend itself into a neat 4mm line, even over curved pages.

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter Fine Angle

The construction of the marker is really good. It feels solid and durable--almost too nice to be disposable, but, alas, it is not refillable. There is a fair amount of branding and text on the white plastic of the pen body. There is a color band on the body and on the cap roll-stopper to indicate the ink color. The cap closes and posts very well. I wish the roll-stopper was a clip. I tend to use my highlighters as bookmarks and clip them to the pages I'm studying--but most highlighters do have clips, so I suppose it's nice that there are some without, for those who prefer that.

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter Colors

The ink is the main feature of this particular highlighter. The colors are standard fare. This 3-pack has yellow, green, and pink. Blue and red are available separately or in the five-color pack. The ink isn't too bright, doesn't bleed, dries very quickly, and doesn't smudge. All great things, especially if you're highlighting on both sides of thin paper or on notes written with liquid inks.

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter Highlight

While I didn't notice any significant smearing, there was some discoloration to the tip of the marker, so not all the ink stayed put. That discolored area did then leave a dingy line when I used it next. I've yet to find a felt-tip highlighter that entirely dodged that issue, though.

This 3-pack is priced at $4.95, and individual highlighters are $1.95. It's a fair price, I think, for the quality.

Now that we've had this little diversion, I think it's best we get back to our studies.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Zebra Justfit Mojini Line Highlighter Package
Posted on January 10, 2019 and filed under Zebra, Highlighter, Pen Reviews.