Sharpie Cosmic Color Permanent Marker Review

Sharpie Cosmic Color Permanent Marker Review

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Sharpie is a household name--like when you ask for a Kleenex when you need a tissue. When you need a permanent marker, the odds are good you're asking for a sharpie. In the past, I've turned to them more for utility than for fun. I've labeled boxes, school supplies, children's clothing. But now, in this analog renaissance, Sharpie is still doing what it does best, but with a new fun twist.

Sharpie Cosmic Color Permanent Marker

Now you can get dozens of colors in a variety of tip sizes, and my favorites yet are these Ultra Fine Cosmic Colors. These markers have the ultra fine tips of my favorite fineliners, but with the magical formula that is Sharpie ink. It's quick-drying, permanent, fade-proof, water-resistant, and non toxic. The colors are bright and vivid. This set has Aqua, Boysenberry, Jupiter Read, Navy, and Venus Green. It's a great variety, and the 12-pack has bunches more of these bright, modern shades. Of course, Sharpie ink does have its downsides. It smells awful. Even these teeny tips emit headache-inducing fumes. And, the ink bleeds through most paper. The pigment soaks right through like a hot knife through butter. So these aren't great for any project where you want to use both sides of your paper.

Sharpie Cosmic Color Permanent Marker Tip

The 5-pack is $6 and the 12-pack is $14 at JetPens, so it's great value you're getting, especially for the quality of these pens. The markers are very well built in the traditional Sharpie grey plastic, with the Sharpie brand logo in black. The caps and endcaps are in the color of the ink, so it's fairly easy to see what color you're reaching for. The caps snap closed and post securely. The one thing I don't like about Sharpie's build is the plastic clip. It's molded as part of the cap. There's no spring to it, just the bend of the plastic. They don't stay clipped to things very well at all, and the clips are prone to snapping off.

Sharpie Cosmic Color Permanent Marker Colors

Still, they're the best permanent markers I've used, and now that I can get them in fun colors with truly fine points, I'll get more use out of them. There's nothing better than when the best tool for a job is also a fun one.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Sharpie Cosmic Color Markers
Posted on January 24, 2019 and filed under Sharpie, Pen Reviews.