Colorverse Extra Dimension & Warped Passages Ink Review

Colorverse Extra Dimension & Warped Passages

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It seems like it's only been a couple of years since the Colorverse ink brand exploded onto the stationery scene, along with their break-neck pace for releasing gorgeous space-themed inks. I've always wanted to collect all the various ink colors they sell for all the reasons Colorverse make them: They're beautiful colors and they are all based on real scientific concepts and space exploration. It's a dream come true.

Alas, there are far too many inks in the line to purchase them all. But one of the latest batches I've tried out is the Extra Dimension & Warped Passages set. This set contains a large bottle (65 ml) of Extra Dimension and a small bottle (15 ml) of Warped Passages. These colors are both beautiful blues at different ends of the spectrum. Extra Dimension is a dark, almost black, blue, while Warped Passages is a light, dusty denim. The multiverse series are based on concepts of harmony and symmetry, so it only makes sense that these two colors compliment each other so well.

Extra Dimension & Warped Passages

Before going into the behavior and individual characteristics of these inks, I'll start by saying that they both behave very well. The flow is just right, I haven't had any issues with nibs drying out or flow problems after a while of non-use. Cleaning out pens is easy, and I haven't noticed any adverse effects. Like Colorverse claim, these inks are gentle on your pens, and I can attest to that fact.

Starting with Extra Dimension, there are depths to this color that unfold with the right nib. It's largely a blue-black ink with a fair amount of shading, but you can also detect some red sheen in certain light if you put down enough ink. I absolutely love red sheen in blue inks, and the subtle change in color is splendid after the ink dries.

Colorverse Extra Dimension & Warped Passages

Along with the blue-black qualities, you can also pick out some green/teal if the ink is spread out enough. Personally, I wish more of this hue was visible under normal writing conditions. You can really only see it clearly when swapping lots of ink. Perhaps with the right nib, this color would shine.

Dry time is a bit lengthy with this ink, but it isn't excessive. Somewhere between 18 and 24 seconds seems to be the magic time. Don't let the dry time deter you from picking up this ink unless that's a hard requirement for you.

Warped Passages is a color that made me unsure for the first few minutes of use. It's pale, dusty, and unassuming. But when you really look at the depth of the color and (especially) compare it alongside Extra Dimension, this color takes on a whole new quality. Under normal writing circumstances, this feels like a medium blue with great shading qualities. In the bits of shade, you can pick out hints of green, just like the Extra Dimension ink. These hints of green in both inks really delight me, and I'm not sure I'll ever use one of these inks without the other. They beg to be used together.

Colorverse Extra Dimension & Warped Passages Ink Review

While this dusty blue is lighter than its larger sibling, it's still a medium blue that suits office environments well. It shades nicely, giving it a lot of visual interest on the page. I see this ink easily becoming one of my favorites. It's just a shame the bottle is so small!

These, again, are two different inks. Extra Dimension is the larger of the two, coming in at 65 ml. Warped Passages is only 15 ml, which is similar to a few sample vials. Unfortunately, you can't purchase these inks individually. They're meant to be a complimentary set, and I can't agree more. I just wish the two bottles were the same size!

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Colorverse Extra Dimension & Warped Passages Ink
Posted on January 30, 2019 and filed under Colorverse, Ink Reviews.