Colorverse Apollo 11 50th Anniversary First Moon Landing Limited Edition Ink Set Review, Part 2

Colorverse Apollo 11 Ink Swabs

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In my last review, I covered the lovely contents of the Colorverse Apollo 11 limited edition ink set. It's a very droolworthy, if pricey, gift set of inks that has won my heart but not my wallet. This week, I'll talk more about the individual inks included with the set.

Colorverse Apollo 11 Chromatography

Apollo 11, the large bottle of blue-black ink is the primary feature of the set. It goes down very dark and dries to a slate-navy color. It's decently lubricated and shows lovely shading even with a fine nib. In a water test, the blue color washed away but the grey tone remained behind, both when the water was wiped away and left to soak, so it may have a little bit of water resistance. This is a great workhorse ink. It's formal enough to be professional, but has enough character that it's still a joy to write with.

One Small Step is the mysterious grey that splits into orange, pink, and teal in chromatography. A touch of that character shows on the page, where I honestly can't tell if it's a warm color or a cool color. This one feels drier, but shows phenomenal shading. Its lighter color appears like a graphite line, and it pools to almost black. With a stub nib, the effect is almost ghostly and I adore it so much.

Columbia is the pinky-red ink of the set. It has a fantastic tone, though it doesn't show much character on the page. There's a small bit of shading, but it's mostly a flat color. It washes away completely in water. Do you remember the wee red hot candy hearts at Valentine's Day? This ink looks like those taste. Spicy and sweet at the same time.

Colorverse Apollo 11 Ink Writing

Eagle is a pale sky teal. It's the driest ink of the batch, with a tendency to dry out in the feed. It's also a bit pale, so it might be tricky to read at times. It doesn't show much shading, but there is some. It washes away completely in water. The color itself is beautiful, but it's probably the one I'll use least from the set. I think it's perfect for highlighting something or for decorative notes, but it isn't a staple color.

The last color of the bunch is Tranquility Base, a beautiful grey-green that has a soft matcha tone to it. It is nicely wet, shows a lot of shading, and the grey notes remain behind when water is applied. Like Eagle, it's a bit pale for everyday use, but its darker tones are grass-green and easier to read. It's more of a Spring green than a Winter green, and it makes me think of light teas and Easter grass.

Colorverse Apollo 11 Ink Review

I think what appeals to me most about this selection of colors is that it perfectly suits the way I write. It has everything I need, all in one box. I'll be drafting in Apollo 11, interjecting thoughts or questions to myself in Eagle, making proof marks in Columbia, adding research notes in Tranquility Base, and inserting new text with One Small Step. I already write this way, to keep my manuscripts color-coded as I draft and re-draft. I just never expected to be handed a kit that anticipates my needs so well. Admittedly, I could have assembled a similar kit myself just from what's on my ink shelf already--which is why I'd likely not shell out the cost of this one--but I really do like the individual characteristics of these inks. I think One Small Step is easily the best grey in my collection, and I have a feeling I'll be lamenting the tiny size of this bottle before long.

My final thoughts are: if you love this, grab it. You won't regret it at all. And if you find it at a good deal, it's definitely worth picking up. For any shade of ambivalence, it's not worth the price. Though... it does come with stickers, if that sways you.

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Colorverse Apollo 11 Water Drops
Posted on October 10, 2019 and filed under Colorverse, Ink Reviews.