Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink: A Review

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink Review

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Several weeks ago, Vanness sent the Pen Addict ink samples for review. One of the inks I received was Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro, a burgundy ink that I loaded into my TWSBI Eco T to test the pen. I loved the ink so much that I purchased a bottle.

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink Sample

Adzuki-iro means “red beans.” It is a limited edition ink from the TAG Stationery Store in Kyoto, Japan. “Adzuki-iro” sounds more beautiful to my ear than “red beans,” and this color certainly lacks any brown tones that I would associate with red beans. The color is a gorgeous cabernet that reminds me of the deeper hues of cherry blossoms.

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink

In my ink test, you can see how Adzuki-iro performs on Maruman Septcouleur paper. It has lots of saturation, especially when you layer it, and it dries fairly quickly. It is not water resistant.

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink Test

I was fascinated by the chromatography test. The ink contains a wide array of colors: light blue, lavender, pink, red, and orange.

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink Chromatography

This complexity gives the ink much more depth and character than two similar inks, Kyo-Iro No. 5 Keage-Sakura and Robert Oster Cherry Blossom.

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink Comparison

Although Adzuki-iro isn’t a super sheeny ink, it does exhibit a bit of green sheen when it pools.

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink Sheen

The ink performs quite well in my TWSBI stub (I’ve been using it for several weeks), though the shading characteristics are much more noticeable in wider nibs.

Kyo-no-oto No. 6 Adzuki-iro Ink Various Nibs

I really love this ink. It is not as flashy as Iroshizuku Yama-Budo, which makes it much more versatile--it is dark enough in finer nibs that you could definitely use it at work and for correspondence. In wider nibs, its lovely burgundy-pink tones and shading make it a great choice for cards, art, and calligraphy.

You can purchase a 40ml bottle of Adzuki-iro from Vanness Pens for $28.00. You might want to hurry, though. Since this is a limited edition color that I am crazy about, I may wind up purchasing whatever Vanness has left in stock!

(Vanness Pens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Posted on February 15, 2019 and filed under Kyo-no-oto, Ink Reviews.