Tuesday Toolset, It’s A Lake Edition

With all of the moving and shaking in my daily carry, there has been one consistent product in my lineup in 2019. And, because of that product, two more products. Confused yet? Read on ...

Nock Co Seed A5
  1. Nock Co. Seed A5 Iris/Electric Blue. While it may not leave the house every day with me like a pocket notebook does, it is ready when called upon. It could be at my desk, on the road, or in my lap at any hour of the day. But with this case, it’s only as useful as the products inside, and I have two good ones.
  2. Soumkine A5 Weekly Planner. I took a flyer on a brand I had never heard of before and won. Why choose this planner? It’s all in the layout. The two page per week format with defined days on the left and blank space on the right has fit my style since I first saw Midori do it with the Traveler’s Notebook. Luckily, it plays nice with fountain pens, too. JetPens, where mine came from, only has the B5 model left in stock, but Soumkine does have the A5 model available directly.
  3. Nock Co. A5 DotDash Notebook. One of the other features I like about the Soumkine planner is that it comes in two volumes - one for the first six months of the year, and one for the second. This allows me to slide the Nock soft cover A5 notebook between them in my Seed case, Midori-style. I’m a big fan of this setup.
  4. Sailor Pro Gear Ocean Fountain Pen. I covered this on Monday, and see it being regularly featured in my Tuesday Toolset posts. I like it that much.
  5. Ryan Krusac Legend in Antler, Damascus Steel grip section. This is one of those “Oh my, insta-buy.” pens for me. Nabbed at last years Baltimore pen show, and still one of my favorites. I’m not sure I want to see what Ryan has in store in a couple of weeks.
Krusac Sailor
Soumkine Planner
Seed Midori
Posted on February 19, 2019 and filed under Tuesday Toolset.