Tuesday Toolset, Energeia Edition

Tuesday Toolset Energeia Edition

Simple is always the right answer. I try to make it complex in the name of testing or research, but I’m always the most happy when my carry is simple.

  1. Pilot Vanishing Point, Bungubox Energeia Limited Edition. Just because I said simple doesn’t mean it can’t be fancy! This limited edition Vanishing Point is just that. Also, the VP is a pen that epitomizes the “do one thing really well” philosophy. Breaking this pen out has me falling in love all over again. We will explore this more on the podcast tomorrow.
  2. Pilot Blue Black ink cartridge. My most used ink cartridge by a wide margin.
  3. Nock Co. Lined + Blank Note Cards. I don’t like lined paper, but I love these more than I ever thought I would. The portrait orientation of this card makes far more sense to me than traditional landscape-oriented note cards. The way I like to use them compliments the blank side as well. And yes, I took this card and the VP to the grocery store yesterday.
Bungubox Energeia
Nock Co Product Sketches
Posted on February 26, 2019 and filed under Tuesday Toolset.