Tuesday Toolset, Drifter Edition

I carry different things when I travel than when I am at home. That should go without saying, but I have one particular product that lives in my backpack for when I hit the road, and has been a constant companion for years.

Drifter Bag
  1. Drifter Pouch. This little bag pre-dates Nock Co. by a good margin I think. I should probably switch over to a Chimneytop one day, but for now, this is the accessory bag that lives permanently in my backpack.
  2. Hickorees The Hill-Side Bandana. Polka dot power! This bandana is about as old as the above pouch. I keep it handy for random clean-up, spills, and - wait for it - sweat. There’s no shame in my game, it’s just sometimes glistens more than others.
  3. Dongle-town. I can make do without a lot of things at a pen show, but the one I’d rather not have is my Square chip reader. It stays with the Nock goods, but for backup I keep one of the original swipers, plus a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter for my iPhone, in case the chip reader fails. I can probably lose the thumb drive at this point.
  4. Cash Money. 60 bucks or so? This is the emergency fund for travel and backup cash. Always have backup cash separate from your wallet.
Drifter pouch
Posted on March 5, 2019 and filed under Tuesday Toolset.