Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen 0.38 mm Review

Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen 0.38 mm Review

Multi pens have long been one of my favorite categories of pens. When I learned that not only do gel ink pens come in micro-tip sizes, but I can get a single barrel with multiple colors of micro-tip goodness? My pen world view was complete.

Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen Coleto Style Fit

As quickly as I fell in love with multi pens, I feel like they were solved pretty early on in my journey as well. The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto was, and is, still my favorite. The Uni Style Fit came along a few years later and is equally as lovely with as many, or more, refill options. For premium barrel multi pen options there is the Zebra Sharbo X and the Lamy 2000 4 Color Ballpoint. And while new colors and styles and options of these pens have been released over the past few years, nothing has moved the needle for me.

Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen 0.38 mm

Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen 0.38 mm doesn’t move the needle either - sorry to burst your bubble - but what this pen did was remind me how great multi pens can be. And this is a great one.

The minute I grabbed this pen out of the package I was impressed. The barrel looks and feels great, with a comfortable rubber grip and light herringbone pattern in the upper barrel. The knock mechanisms add to the design with their angular buttons, and the silver clip adds to the clean look. And it is Mint Green!

Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen

Looks only take you so far with writing instruments. How does it write? The 0.38 mm Jetstream refills are what sent me head over heels with this pen. The line is sharp and fine, and somehow, incredibly smooth. It’s one of those things that shouldn’t happen, and I don’t understand. A tip this fine with ballpoint(-ish) ink should feel like writing with a shard of broken glass. It’s wonderfully smooth, which makes me want to have this pen handy all of the time.

Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen Writing

There are other Jetstream multi pen options on the market. Uni-ball even offers options in the Style Fit lineup to use a combination of gel and Jetstream refills in the same barrel. But none of them nail the writing experience for me better than this one.

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Uni Jetstream Slim Multi Pen Review
Posted on April 29, 2019 and filed under Uni-Ball, Jetstream, Multi Pen, Pen Reviews.