Mark's Maste Washi Tape Basic Visible Neon Giveaway

Mark's Maste Washi Tape Basic Visible Neon

I love washi tape. Bright, vibrant, fun, washi tape. I use it in, and on, my notebooks, on electrical cords, and on a whole host of random items that you wouldn’t think would be served by washi tape.

I picked up the Basic Visible Neon set by Mark’s in a recent JetPens sponsorship lot, and these colors check all of my boxes. How fun is this group? So fun, that I have a tough time deciding which one to grab out of the stack.

You may have a tough time too if you win this giveaway. I’m giving away one set to one winner, so read the rules below and enter away!

Posted on August 13, 2019 and filed under Mark's, Washi tape, Giveaways.