Kaweco Student Fountain Pen 70's Soul Review

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen 70's Soul Review

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The Kaweco Student has been around for a few years, but I've never had the chance to try one out until I received the 70's Soul edition a few weeks ago. The Student is very similar in shape and size to the Kaweco Dia2, but the Student is about 0.2 inches shorter and comes in many color options compared to the monotone Dia2 options. Compared to the much more common Sport and AL Sport, the Student is a full inch longer when capped, and much more comfortable to use uncapped. After using this pen for only a few minutes, I wished I had tried one out sooner!

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen 70's Soul Nib

The standard Student color options all feature silver trim and accents, but the 70's Soul edition has gold accents and a bright gold nib. The nib is still stainless steel (plated in something gold colored), and performs exactly as you'd expect from a well-tuned Kaweco nib. The body of the pen is a pleasant cream color, while the cap is a brighter retro orange that pairs nicely with the body.

The materials used on the pen are incredibly high-quality. The gold accents shine nicely and the large clip matches perfectly to the wide cap. The metal section is smooth but has a contoured shape that makes gripping the pen comfortable. The body and cap are made of a high-quality thick acrylic. This is nothing like the Kaweco Sport materials, as the Student feels heavier and more durable due to the thicker material. In all, it really feels great in the hand due to the premium materials.

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen

Writing with the pen has been surprisingly pleasant. I was expecting something on par with the Kaweco Sport or AL Sport, but I've enjoyed writing with the Student even more than I anticipated. The medium length makes it comfortable and lightweight when using it uncapped, but the overall length when capped is still completely usable. The nib is smooth and required no adjustments, and the ink flow is steady and consistent. It's the gold standard by which all Kaweco nibs should perform out of the box. With the visual flair and unique colors, I'd love to try this pen with a modified nib to further increase the sophistication and personality of the pen's aesthetics.

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Review

Another positive for this Kaweco is that the additional length of the body provides room for a proper converter. That's right — you can use a standard converter with this pen. Kaweco sells one, but you can use any international converter that fits inside the pen body.

Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Comparison

The Kaweco Student has quickly become one of my favorite pens. The 70's Soul color is a fun and unique combo, and the $60 price tag is fair considering the materials used. If the orange cream combo isn't your thing, you can also pick up the Student in Black, Vintage Blue, Red, Transparent Clear, and White. With each color, you also have the option of EF, F, M, and B nibs. If you choose one of the original colors, there's also a small price break (about $8 less than the 70's Soul version).

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Kaweco Student Fountain Pen Writing
Posted on August 21, 2019 and filed under Kaweco, Fountain Pens, Pen Reviews.