Moonman M2 Transparent Demonstrator Eyedropper Fountain Pen Review

Moonman M2 Transparent Demonstrator Eyedropper Fountain Pen Review

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There's nothing quite like a completely transparent pen to really fascinate our eyes, and that's exactly what the Moonman M2 does to my eyes every time it ends up in my gaze. From the first time I opened the decorative case that the pen comes in, along with a glass eyedropper, I was mesmerized by the torpedo shape and glassy-smooth polish of this pen. I couldn't wait to get it out and fill it with a vibrant ink to really showcase the enormous ink reservoir.

Before I move on to the experience of inking this pen and writing with it, let's take a closer look at the exterior. Aside from the crystal clear body and cap, there's a red band between the grip section and body of the pen, and then there's the nib and feed assembly that also provides some visual contrast. The red band in the middle of the pen provides a really clean and bold accent color to an otherwise stark aesthetic. The band is also the only place on the pen that contains any branding. There's a small "Moonman" stamped on the band that you can hardly see. I really love the red band, especially paired with a vibrant red/orange ink, but I wish there were other color options for the band.

Moonman M2 Transparent Demonstrator Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Moving on to the nib, it's yellow gold in color and has some moderate scroll work to dress it up a bit. The words "IRIDIUM POINT F" are stamped on the top of the nib, but there's no branding. The nib is a number 5 size, so it's something you're probably accustomed to on other pens. Underneath the gold plating is a stainless steel nib.

Unscrewing the cap is smooth and takes roughly one full rotation to fully open or close the pen. This makes it convenient to open and close, but it's also enough to provide some protection in case any ink seeps out during a rough ride or tumble. The grip section is smooth and somewhat narrow, but it's incredibly comfortable. It didn't take me long to start enjoying the way this pen feels. I use a three-finger triangle grip, and my thumb sits snuggly against the cap threads while my middle and index finger have plenty of space on the section. And even thought I use a low grip, my fingertips are nowhere near the nib and feed assembly, keeping the ink off my fingers while I write.

Moonman M2 Fountain Pen

Moving on to the nib, it's quite firm but exceptionally firm. If you like a tight, crisp line, then this nib is perfect. Unfortunately, you only get one nib option with this pen, and it's fine. If you like fine nibs, then great. Otherwise, you'll have to cross this one off your list or try to replace the nib yourself with another #5 nib (which isn't a difficult process). Another nice thing to note is that I did not have to modify or adjust the nib in any way. Right out of the box, it was tuned perfectly and the lines and ink flow are just right. Being a steel nib, there's no flex to speak of, but you can coax out some line variation with moderate pressure.

In general, writing with this pen is a great experience. It feels great in the hand, and the nib is smooth on the page and lays down a crisp line.

Moonman M2 Fountain Pen

Finally, on to the filling system. The Moonman M2 is an eyedropper, which means it holds a vast amount of ink in the reservoir. According to the product specs, it holds 2.5 ml of ink, but it seems closer to 3 in my use. Either way, that's a lot of ink to fuel some really long writing sessions. The packaging includes a glass eyedropper that you can use to fill the pen, but you do have to use bottled inked with this pen. No cartridges!

Filling the pen is easy. Just unscrew the body from the grip section, fill the reservoir with ink, and screw it back together. It takes a few seconds for the ink to soak the feed and reach the tip of the nib, and then you're ready to go. Ink for miles! I've most recently filled this pen with Taccia Daidai, which is an exceptionally good ink for showing off a crystal clear demonstrator like this M2. It also pairs really well with the red band in the center. All around, it's definitely an eye catcher! People comment on it frequently. It has two things going for it: a large amount of vibrant ink in a clear tube, and it distorts how you see things behind it, such as the surface it's laying on — similar to a magnifying glass. These things draw the eye like bees to honey.

Moonman M2 Fountain Pen Comparison

One thing I haven't touched on yet is how much this pen costs, and that's probably because I'm still having trouble believing it. At just under $20, this pen is an unbelievable value. I imagine it's easy to keep costs down by excluding any fancy filling mechanisms, lots of nib options, and offering a single configuration, but $20 just feels like a steal for the build quality and writing experience that this pen offers. If it speaks to you at all, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

This pen has been such a joy to use over the past few weeks. It really did surprise me, even though I had no expectations going into it. But, even though it's a solid writer, has great aesthetics, and definitely fits almost every budget, there are some things I'd like to change. First, I wish the manufacturer offered more standard nib options with this pen. Just the ability to pick an EF, M, or B nib at the time of purchase would go a long way. Also, since the band is the only accent on the pen, it would be awesome if there were some other color options as well to pair with your favorite ink colors. But again, these things cost more money, and the low price point of this pen is a huge advantage against almost all of the midrange fountain pen market. Throw one in your cart the next time you place an order! This is a no-brainer!

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Moonman M2 Fountain Pen Writing
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