Review: Faber Castell Conic Silver Ballpoint

Faber CastellThis Faber Castell Conic Silver ballpoint pen is an interesting number.  From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I'm not crazy about the looks.  If I saw it in a store, I probably wouldn't even pick it up to try out.  But as it turns out, it feels pretty good in the hand, and writes decently to boot.

My main consternation is the entire concept of the pen - its "conic" shape.  I don't mind a tapered pen, or a torpedo shaped pen, but it has to be balanced just right.  This pen feels a little top heavy, but once you start writing, it feels pretty good.  The grip leaves a little bit to be desired - the rubber is firm and non-flexible - and since I grip all of my pens low, the taper towards the tip gets a little too skinny for me.

I experienced no real issues with the ballpoint ink cartridge.  It was reasonably smooth and not messy at all.  Looking at the XL sized picture, the ink actually looks very nice on the page.  This is a solid, middle of the road offering from Faber Castell, and I wouldn't mind trying out a few more of their products.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on December 18, 2009 .