Ink Links

-- Reynolds 432  (Bleistift)

-- Tools of the Trade: Tiny Notebooks  (Does This Pen Write?)

-- Vintage Esterbrook & Waterman Ideal  (Without Ink)

-- New Clairefontaine Graf it Sketch Pads – Have you tried them?  (Rhodia Drive)

-- Where Have All The Pen Stores Gone?  (Fountain Pen Restoration)

-- Featured Pen - Mabie Todd Swan SM 205/86  (Whatever)

-- In Praise of Handwriting  (Notebook Stories)

-- O’BON Pencils Made from Recycled Newspaper  (Office Supply Geek)

-- Top 10 of 2009. #10  (Good Pens)

-- Muji Fountain Pen  (Pocket Blonde)

-- Scribe's Tool of the Year 2009  (The Critical Scribe)

-- Fountain pen ink meets watercolor paper. And water.  (Leigh Reyes)

-- Converse All Star Sneaker Pencase - Wearable Too, If You Insist  (Scription)

Posted on December 19, 2009 .