Giveaway: Pentel Quick Dock Sharp Pencil

Pentel Quick Dock Sharp PencilThe Pentel Quick Dock Sharp Pencil is a new product at JetPens that I have yet to try myself, but it looked so cool I thought it would be great for a giveaway.  I really like pens and pencils that allow for a bit of customization - like the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto for example - and this pencil lets you tweak the barrel color with various lead refill cartridges.  Since I haven't reviewed it myself, here are the details from JetPens:

The Quick Dock will be debuting in the US later this year, but we're giving you a sneak peak at JetPens. No need to fumble with fragile leads or tiny holes, this pencil is made to load an entire pack of lead refills in one go. One lead refill cartridge, called a "cassette", has a large capacity and holds 12 leads. This allows you to write for days if not weeks on end without having to refill your pencil. The entire cassette pops out and you replace it with a new cassette fully loaded with lead.
To refill your pencil:

1. Pull out the empty lead cassette out by gripping and pulling the pencil cap.
2. Screw the pencil cap onto the new refill cassette.
3. Pop the new refill into the pen body.

We haven't quite come to a conclusion about how we feel about the usefulness of this pencil, but at least you can try it out before it hits stores! There are four transparent pencil body colors (sky blue, pink, yellow and violet) and three lead cassette refill colors (sky blue, pink, and yellow). By mixing and matching the different body colors with different colored cassettes you can create up to 12 body color variations. Teach your kids about how mixing colors (for example a sky blue pencil body with a pink colored lead cassette) can create new colors of the rainbow (purple)!

This giveaway is for the Sky Blue Pencil Barrel with Pink and Yellow lead cassettes.  Here are the rules:

1. Leave one comment on this post anytime between now, and Thursday night at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  You are limited to one entry.  Feel free to link this giveaway on your blog, or share it with anyone you feel is a true pen addict.  If you have a blog, I would love a link back, but it is certainly not required for entry into the contest.

2. For this contest, I will pick one winner at random from the comments section of this post.  The comments will be numbered in the order they are received, i.e. the first comment is #1, the second #2, and so on.  The Random Integer Generator at will be used to pick the number of the winner.

3. The contest winner will be posted on Friday, February 13th.  The winner will have one week to email me at the address posted in the right sidebar.

4. I will ship internationally.  I know there are many international readers and fans of The Pen Addict, and I will gladly ship to you at my expense.

Thanks, and good luck!  (And thanks grammar police :)

Pentel Quick Dock Sharp Pencil

Posted on February 10, 2009 .