Review: Pilot RexGrip Ballpoint 1.0mm

Pilot RexGripThe Pilot RexGrip is another in the BeGreen line from Pilot, which is their group of earth-friendly writing instruments.  I have reviewed the G-Knock and the Precise V5 already so I thought I'd give the RexGrip a shot.  This was an impulse purchase from the grocery store one night on my dinner break from work, but it didn't really turn out in my favor. The pen is comfortable enough to write with, but the performance of the ballpoint leaves a lot to be desired.  The line is very streaky, and the ink color is too light for me for a black ink pen.  Stick with the Jetstreams and you'll be much happier.

I noticed after I purchased these that JetPens carries the 0.7mm model in 10 different colors, so maybe I'll give one of those a shot in the future to see if it is any better.

Posted on February 12, 2009 .