Review: Uni-Ball Signo MF3 Multi Pen

Uni-Ball SignoOut of all of the multi pens I have reviewed recently, it basically comes down to the Pentel Energel Multi Function pen, or this Uni-Ball Signo MF3 for my most used multi pen of the past few weeks.  The Pentel Energel has taken up shelter in my backpack, which is where my most used pens reside as they travel back and forth with me to work, while this Uni-Ball Signo sits at home, alone on the desk anxiously awaiting my return from work each night.  You could say I prefer the Energel of the two - and you would be right - but the Signo is a pretty darn good pen on its own.

The best I can say about this pen is that it works.  That is a compliment for sure - you won't believe how many pens don't that aren't even broken.  Click to the left, black 0.5mm gel cartridge.  Click to the right, red 0.5mm gel cartridge.  Click further to the right, 0.5mm pencil.  The gel ink lays down great lines, as you would expect from Uni-Ball, and the pencil is pretty decent.  The clear barrel is extra cool points, but you can grab it in black, blue, pink, and white as well.

But I keep going back to the Energel.  I don't know if is the needle tip that gets me or what - I just like it better.  Don't worry little Uni-Ball Signo MF3 multi pen, I'll be home soon.

Click here for the XL photo review.

Posted on March 30, 2009 .