Review: Zebra Sarasa Red Black

Zebra Sarasa

I really really really want to like this pen, but there are a few too many little things that keep me from doing so.  But let's start with the good stuff, shall we?  First of all, it's a Zebra, so you know it is going to at least be a decent pen.  It is well built, comfortable, and it feels durable even though I haven't had it for a long time.  I even like the red black ink better than I thought.  Those little things though - they just keep coming back to haunt me.

I have never owned a regular Zebra Sarasa, only the similar Sarasa Clip model.  The main differences between the two seem to be the barrel diameter and grip area.  The regular Sarasa is a little bit skinnier and has a thinner grip, neither of which I am fond of.  Maybe it is because I use the Clip so regularly I am used to that style and feel, but I could never get used to the feel of this regular one.  Secondly, this is the most scratchy Zebra pen I have ever used - it is very noticeable.  I thought maybe I had a dud, but Nrepose from Unposted reviewed this pen a couple of weeks back and found the exact same thing.  The line is sharp and clean, but the writing experience isn't nice enough to keep this pen in the rotation.  Too bad.

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Posted on April 15, 2009 .