Review: Pilot VBall RT 0.7mm Blue

Pilot VBallThis is a rare class of pens folks.  Rare in the fact that my wife put in a special request for me to find one for her.  I gave her a few of my 0.5mm black VBall RT pens to take to work and test out, and she liked them a lot.  She came home and said she wanted this pen in 0.7mm and in blue, and I had noticed that Jetpens had started carrying them, so off to order I went.  She was excited to get them, and of course I redirected one temporarily into my hands for review.

I am on record as loving the 0.5mm black model - in fact, it is probably my most frequently used non-gel ink pen.  I keep one resting on my keyboard at work at all times so I have something nice to grab and go if the need arises.  The 0.7mm is just as nice, and the only difference - drumroll please - is that it is wider.  This pen falls into that category of pens that you can recommend to anyone and there is a good chance they will like it.  The Pilot VBall is as safe as they come.

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Posted on April 17, 2009 .