Review: Zebra Sharbo Gel Ink One Color + Pencil

Zebra SharboJetPens recently started carrying the very beautiful - and very expensive - Zebra Sharbo X multi pen line.  While they are fantastic looking, the $45 to $75 price range for just the barrel puts them out of my range at the moment.  If I recall correctly, on the very same day the Sharbo X became available at JetPens, I saw this Sharbo Gel Ink One Color multi pen and pencil combo for sale, and at $5.70, it was much more in my budget.  I ordered it and have had it since the beginning of May, but posting the review this late has caused one problem - it has vanished completely from of the JetPens site.

I know what you are saying - horrors, right?  Well, obviously not, but I do at least like to tell you where you can get the pens I review in case you are so inclined to try them out.  And this Zebra Sharbo is a very nice option for a multi pen pencil combo.  The pen barrel is impressively sturdy.  I mentioned in my review that many multi pens have a bit of a rattle, or feel a little loose mainly because of all the moving parts, but not this one.  It is very solid in the hand, and gives a good writing performance.  The 0.5mm gel ink cartridge is even less scratchy than other Zebra pens I have used, and the pencil is equally as nice.

I actually stopped in the middle of typing this up to email JetPens about this pen, because I think it is one of the better bang for the buck options as far as multi pens go.  I'll let you know what I find out.

One final note - this was the first review I have done in the Doane Paper Idea Journal.  I am loving it so far, and will do a full review in the near future.

Click Here for the XL review.

Update: I heard back from JetPens and unfortunately it has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Posted on June 22, 2009 .