Awesome Readers = Awesome Mail

I had no idea the reach this blog would have when I first started it.  After all, I was just a guy on a quest for some ultra fine gel ink pens.  But as time passes, and the blog keep growing, I am finding that the readers of The Pen Addict are some of the most awesome people you could ever hope to run across.  From the great comments, email, and the occasional snail mail, I am very thankful for all of the communication and sharing of stories, ideas, and products.  Two of the most recent items I received in the mail are below:

George from the recently created My Supply Room blog sent me these wonderful stencils.  I made a comment on his blog about how cool the chemistry stencil was, and lo and behold, it shows up in my mailbox a few weeks later.  Thanks George!


When I gave away a set of Copic markers back in may, Yogi from the blog Art with Yogi was the big winner.  She was thoughtful enough to not only send me a thank you card for the markers, but the amount of time and effort she put into it were amazing, even using her newly acquired loot to decorate the squares on the card front.  Thanks Yogi!

Thank You

These are just of a couple of the items I have received recently, and I have a few more items I need to get reviewed and posted from other readers.  Look for those in the very near future.

Posted on June 23, 2009 .