Review: Monami Plus Pen 3000

Monami Plus PenClose-out sales make people do funny things, like take a chance on pens you have never heard of just because the price was reduced.  That's how I came across the Monami Plus Pen 3000.  A box of 12 at JetPens was 50 % off, and I am a fan of porous tip and plastic tip pens, so I took a shot on them.  Right out of the gate I was pretty happy, but the more I wrote and doodled, the more I found that they weren't for me.

The main issue I ran into is that the tip of the pen was almost a cross between a porous tip pen and a brush pen.  Both on their own are perfectly fine, but by the looks of this pen, I wouldn't expect to find much - if any - feedback from the tip.  I am used to smooth writing from other porous tip pens I have used, but this one flicks when writing, like a bristle on the tip is caught going the wrong direction.  The clicking noise it makes is unmistakable.  This pen designed nicely, so it is a shame that this problem is frequent and unavoidable, even causing ink splatter on the page in most instances.

I'll leave this pen to the pen spinners out there, which is how this pen is tagged at JetPens anyway.  I guess I should have taken a cue from that.

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Posted on June 24, 2009 .